Blake K. Bennett

Research Interests: Management, Marketing

Selected Publications:
Bennett, B.K. “Evaluation of Cotton Put Options as a Price Risk Management Tool.” Journal of Cotton Science (In Press).Bennett, B.K. “Using a Moving Average to Determine Cotton Futures Market Entry Dates.” Journal of Cotton Science 5(2001):218-223.

Nelson, J., S.K. Misra, B.K. Bennett, and G. Barker. “Gin Lint Cleaning to Maximize Producer Net Returns Revisited.” Applied Engineering in Agriculture 15,6(1999):621-626.

Nelson, J., S.K. Misra, B.K. Bennett, and A. Brashears. “Cost/Trade-Offs of Stripper Mounted Bur-Extractors from the Cotton Industry Perspective.” Texas Journal of Agricultural and Natural Resources 11(1998):85-93.

Bennett, B. K. and S.K. Misra, and G. Barker. “Determination of the Optimal Level of Lint Cleanings for Irrigated Cotton.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 30,1(July 1998):247

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