Douglass Shaw

About Dr. Shaw:
Dr. Shaw has published over 85 papers in over 30 different economics, environmental, and science journals, or in books. He served as a Blue Ribbon panel member for NOAA/Restore America’s Estuaries, and is a member of the steering committee for Oregon’s Program for the Economics of Climate Change, and he served terms as Associate Editor for the journals, Water Resources Research (2005-2006) and for the Journal of Leisure Research (2005-2006). He is also a member of the editorial council for the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (2012-2014). Dr. Shaw’s current research emphasis is on the economics of risk and uncertainty. In particular, he works on valuing environmental amenities and changes in objective and perceived risks associated with contamination of resources or those risks that affect human health. He has recently written about the effects of ozone pollution on asthma patients, the risks from consuming contaminated fish, the perceived risks of nuclear waste transport, risks associated with natural hazards (earthquakes and hurricanes), and responses to the perceived risks of drinking water contaminated with arsenic. He has served as the President of the W-133 working group for U.S.D.A. on cost-benefit analysis in 1999 and previously held academic positions at the University of Nevada, Reno (1995 to 2004), and in the economics departments at Vassar and Williams Colleges (1986 through 1990). He has also held non-academic positions as a senior economist for the consulting firm, RCG/Hagler, Bailly, Inc. (1991 to 1994) and as a part-time consultant to Energy and Resource Consultants in 1980 and 1981.


Curriculum Vitae

PhD (Economics), University of Colorado – Boulder
MA (Economics), University of Colorado – Boulder
BA (Geography), University of Colorado – Boulder

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