J. Mark Welch

About Dr. Welch:
Mark is an Extension Economist with The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University specializing in grain marketing. He received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa and his Master of Science Degree in Agriculture: Business and Economics from West Texas A&M University. He operated a farm and cattle feedlot in Castro County, Texas prior to attending Texas Tech University to earn his PhD in Agricultural Economics. Mark worked as a Research Scientist with the Cotton Economics Research Institute at Texas Tech. His current research and Extension appointment are focused on the interests of all stakeholders in the grain industry, particularly in the areas of risk management and market analysis.

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Selected Publications:
Welch, Mark. “Developing This Year’s Marketing Plan”, video of presentation at the Chicago Board of Trade and posted by CME Group, Chicago, IL, December 7, 2010. Available online here.

Southern Region Agricultural Outlook Conference, “Corn Situation and Outlook”, Atlanta, Georgia, September 29, 2010. To view presentation, click here.

Welch, J. Mark, Vardan Mkrtchyan, and Gabriel J. Power. “Predicting the Corn Basis in the Texas Triangle Area”, Journal of Agribusiness 27 (Spring/Fall 2009):49-63.Welch, Mark and Steve Amosson. “Price Risk Management in the Midst of a Credit Crisis”, Grain Marketing White Paper 05-08, October 15, 2008. Available online here.

Welch, Mark. “Wheat”, Extension Section Crops Outlook, American Agricultural Economics Association annual meeting, Orlando, Florida, July 29, 2008.

Anderson, D.P., J.L. Outlaw, H.L. Bryant, J.W. Richardson, D.P. Ernstes, J.M. Ralston, J.M. Welch, G.Knapek, B.K. Herbst, and M. Allison. “The Effects of Ethanol on Texas Food and Feed”, Agriculture and Food Policy Center, Texas A&M University, Research Report 08-1, April 10, 2008.

Welch, Mark, and John Robinson. “What Happened to Forward Contracting?” Grain Marketing White Paper 01-08, April 9, 2008.Welch, M., S. Pan, S. Mohanty, and M. Fadiga. “Ethanol’s Effect on the U.S. Cotton Industry”. Journal of Cotton Science, Vol. 12 (2008):99-108.

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Associate Professor and Extension Economist
PhD (Agricultural Economics), Texas Tech University
MS (Agriculture: Business and Economics), West Texas A&M University
BS (Economics), Graceland College

2124 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-2124