James Mjelde

Research Interests:
Dynamic Modeling, Economics of Information, and Resource Economics

Selected Publications:
Musumba, M., Y. Jin, and J.W. Mjelde. “Factors Influencing International Graduate Students Career Preferences.” Forthcoming Education Economics 2010.Mjelde, J.W. and D.A. Bessler. “Market Integration among Electricity Markets and their Major Fuel Source Markets.” Energy Economics 31, 3 (May 2009): 482-491.Rubas, D., J.W. Mjelde, H.A. Love, and W. Rosenthal. “How Adoption Rates, Timing, and Ceilings affect the Value of ENSO-Based Climate Forecasts.” Climatic Change 86(February 2008): 235-256.

Park, H., J.W. Mjelde, and D.A. Bessler. “Price Dynamic Interactions and Discovery among Natural Gas Spot Markets in North American.” Energy Policy36(January 2008):290-302.

Park, H., J.W. Mjelde, and D.A. Bessler. “Time Varying Threshold Cointegration and the Law of One Price.” Applied Economics 39(2007): 1091-1105.

Lee, C.K. and J.W. Mjelde. “Valuation of Ecotourism Resources Using a Contingent Valuation Method: The Case of the Korean DMZ.” Ecological Economics 63(2007):511-520.


PhD (Agricultural Economics), University of Illinois
MS (Applied Economics), Montana State University
BS (Fish and Wildlife Management), Montana State University
BS (Biology), Montana State University

2124 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-2124