Jason Johnson

Research Interests:
Management, Marketing

Selected Publications:
O’Neil, B., Porter, N., Pankow, D., Shuchardt, J., and Johnson, J. (2010) Online investment education: listening to learners to develop an effetive financial literacy program for farm households. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning. Volume 1(1), 23:40.Jason L. Johnson, M. Wade Polk, Rob Hogan. (2010) Financial benchmarks for Texas cotton producers. Proceedings of the 2010 Beltwide Cotton Conferences. National Cotton Council, Memphis, TN, LA, 442-449.

Banerjee, S., Martin, S.W., Roberts, R.K., Larson, J.A., Hogan Jr., R.J., Johnson, J.L., Paxton, K.W., & Reeves, J.M. (2009) Adoption of conservation-tillage practices and herbicide-resistant seed in cotton production. AgBioForum, The Journal of Agrobiotechnology Management and Economics, 12(3&4), 258-268. Available on the World Wide Web: here

Blake Bennett, Jason L. Johnson, Rebecca Parker. (2009) Educating limited acreage producers using web-based technology. Journal of Extension. Volume 47(6), December 2009. Available on the World Wide Web: here

Johnson, J.L., P. Johnson, D. Willis, E. Segarra, R.D. Lacewell, D. Ethridge, J. Ellis, and S.H. Amosson. “Estimating the Potential to Reduce Agricultural Irrigation Water Demand in West Central Texas.” Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources, (in press) 2002.

Elmer, N.A., A.P. Thurow, J.L. Johnson, and C.P. Rosson, III. “Investments in Texas Grapefruit.” Journal of Agricultural & Applied Economics 33,3(2001):391-401.

Arabiyat, T., E. Segarra, and J.L. Johnson. “Technology Adoption in Agriculture: Implications for Ground Water Conservation in the Texas High Plains.” Resources, Conservation and Recycling 32(2001):147-156.

Johnson, J.L., and W. Polk. “A Decision Aid to Evaluate Livestock Species, Stocking Rates, and Economic Returns.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics (in press) 2002.

Johnson, J.L., and E. Segarra. “The Economic Implications of Feedlot Manure Utilization in Predominant Cropping Practices of the Texas High Plains.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 29,1(1997):213.


PhD (Agricultural Economics), Texas Tech University
MS (Agricultural Economics), Louisiana State University
BS (Agricultural Economics), Texas Tech University

1229 N. Hwy. 281 Stephenville, TX 76401