Ariun Ishdorj

Ariun Ishdorj is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Intercollegiate Faculty of Agribusiness. Prior to joining the faculty at Texas A&M she conducted post-doctoral research at the Center of Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University. Ishdorj received her PhD in Economics from Iowa State University, M.S. in Mathematics from University of Idaho and B.S. in Mathematics from National University of Mongolia. Ishdorj’s primary research areas include the economics of food, nutrition, and health, with emphasis on cost and effectiveness of food and nutrition assistance policies and interventions, analysis of consumer demand, issues related to food insecurity and disability, and impacts of food environments on diet quality and health of low-income population. She has extensive experience in statistical modeling using primary and secondary large data on food and nutrition.


Research Interests:
Applied Econometrics, Agricultural Economics, Health Economics,
Labor Economics and Consumption and Demand Analysis.


Selected Publications:

Capps, Jr., O., A. Ishdorj, P. Murano, L. Field, A. Hutto, and C. Spaulding, 2019. “Waste Not Want Not: Examining the Economic/Financial Dimensions of Limiting Starchy Vegetables in School Lunches” Choices. 34(1).

Jang, J., A. Ishdorj, D. Anderson, T. Purevjav, and G. Dahlke. 2017. “Exploring the Existence of Grader Bias in Beef Grading.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 49(3): 467-489.

Ishdorj, A., and O. Capps, Jr. 2017. “The Impact of Policy Changes on Milk and Beverage Consumption of Texas WIC Children.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 46(1).

Ishdorj, A., O. Capps, Jr., and P. Murano. 2016. “Nutrient Density and the Cost of Vegetables from School Lunches.”  Advances in Nutrition. 7:1S-7S.

Bardzik, A., A. Ishdorj, and J. Jang. 2016. “Super-premium Fruit and Vegetable Beverages: A Retail Sales Analysis and Demand Estimation.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 45(3):563-580.

Ishdorj, A., M.K. Crepinsek, and H.H. Jensen. 2013. “Children’s Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables: Do School Environment and Policies Affect Choice at School and Away from School?”  Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. 35(2): 341-359.


Curriculum Vitae

PhD (Economics), Iowa State University
MS (Mathematics), University of Idaho
BS (Mathematics), National University of Mongolia

2124 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-2124