Blake K. Bennett

Research Interests: Management, Marketing


Dr. Bennett us ab Associate Professor and Extension Economist-Management for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at Dallas, Texas. Dr. Bennett received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Agricultural Economics from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. His current programming efforts are in farm and ranch management analysis and production economics, specifically focusing on marketing, budgeting and computerized record keeping. Dr. Bennett has worked extensively with large commercial and small part-time agricultural producers in North East Texas through establishment cost estimation, budget creation and analysis, and long term strategic planning. Dr. Bennett has also focused programming efforts on providing education to real estate agents in the area of property taxes on agricultural land. To date, Dr. Bennett has provided 89 trainings over 4,200 real estate agents in the Texas.

Selected Publications:
Bennett, B.K. “Evaluation of Cotton Put Options as a Price Risk Management Tool.” Journal of Cotton Science (In Press).Bennett, B.K. “Using a Moving Average to Determine Cotton Futures Market Entry Dates.” Journal of Cotton Science 5(2001):218-223.

Nelson, J., S.K. Misra, B.K. Bennett, and G. Barker. “Gin Lint Cleaning to Maximize Producer Net Returns Revisited.” Applied Engineering in Agriculture 15,6(1999):621-626.

Nelson, J., S.K. Misra, B.K. Bennett, and A. Brashears. “Cost/Trade-Offs of Stripper Mounted Bur-Extractors from the Cotton Industry Perspective.” Texas Journal of Agricultural and Natural Resources 11(1998):85-93.

Bennett, B. K. and S.K. Misra, and G. Barker. “Determination of the Optimal Level of Lint Cleanings for Irrigated Cotton.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 30,1(July 1998):247

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D.  Agricultural Economics, Texas Tech University

M.S. Agricultural Economics, Texas Tech University

B.S. Agricultural Economics, Texas Tech University

17360 Coit Rd. Dallas, TX 75252-6599