Craig Wesley Carpenter

About Dr. Carpenter:

Dr. Carpenter's research efforts focus on the use of federal administrative data to examine questions related to the interaction of race, ethnicity, veteran status, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. More recently, he began examining policy questions related to early life exposure to government programs and effects on later life labor market outcomes. His Extension efforts revolve around community and economic development.

Research Interests:

Applied microeconomics, entrepreneurship, public policy, econometrics and statistics

Selected Publications:

Van Sandt, Anders, Craig Wesley Carpenter, Scott Loveridge, and Rebekka Dudensing. 2021. “Estimating Determinants of Health Care Establishment Locations with Restricted Federal Administrative Data.” Health Economics, 30(6): 1328-1346.

Carpenter, Craig Wesley, Scott Loveridge, and Maureen Mickus. 2021. “Research Note: Age, Retirement, and Intertemporal Resource Decision Ability.” Journal of Consumer Affairs, 55(2): 542-555.

Carpenter, Craig Wesley, Anders Van Sandt, Rebekka Dudensing, and Scott Loveridge. 2021. “Profit Pools and Determinants of Potential County-Level Manufacturing Growth” International Regional Science Review, forthcoming.

Carpenter, Craig Wesley, Anders Van Sandt, and Scott Loveridge. 2021. “Measurement Error in U.S. Regional Economic Data.” Journal of Regional Science, revise and resubmit.

Carpenter, Craig Wesley, Anders Van Sandt, and Scott Loveridge. 2021. “Empirical Methods in Business Location Research.” Regional Studies, Regional Science, revise and resubmit.

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University, 2016

B.A. Political Science, Economics and Business, Kalamazoo College, 2011

2124 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-2124