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About Francisco Abelló

 Francisco Abelló provides district leadership and coordination for Extension education programs and applied research in farm and ranch management, livestock economics, financial and profitability analysis, marketing, resources, and policy by providing technical expertise and educational program development for industry audiences.  Provides agricultural economics tools to help farmers and ranchers to improve profitability and be better prepared to manage risk. 

Prior to joining Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Francisco was CEO of all farms and ranchers managed by TraulenCo, a management and administration firm in Argentina which comprises multiple farm/ranch operations of wheat, corn, sunflower, soybeans, (17,000 acres) and cow-calf (54,000 acres). Additionally, Mr. Abelló provided agricultural production, economic and financial business consulting in Latin America for private equity investments and capital management funds (Argentina, Perú, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Brazil).

Mr. Abelló obtaneid his Agriculture Production Engineering degree from the Argentinian Catholic University (Universidad Catolica Argentina), Department of Agricultural Science, in 2002.  Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and Master of Agribusiness from Texas A&M University.    


Selected Publications

Abello, F., DeLaune, P. Ribera, L. “Economic and Risk Premiums Comparison for Risk Averse Decision Makers of Cotton Tillage Systems with Different Irrigation Levels and Productivity Efficiency Rates”. Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the 2021 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, August 2nd, 2021


Abelló, F.J., M. Palma, M. Waller, D. Anderson. 2014. “Evaluating the Factors Influencing the Number of Visits to Farmers’ Markets.” Journal of Food Products Marketing, Vol. 20:17-35.


Wikse, S., J. McGrann, D. B. Herd, L. L. Falconer, P. S. Holland, F. J. Abello, G. M. Rogers, D. C. Richardson, D. R. Yoder, S. Ramachandran. 2004.“Impact of the Texas Beef Partnership in Extension Program on Profitability of beef cow-calf herds.”  Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 225(2):210-20 · August 2004. (4 Citations Google Scholar)

Curriculum Vitae

Agriculture Production Engineering, the Argentinian Catholic Univeristy (Universidad Catolica Argentina), Department of Agricultural Science

Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and Master of Agribusiness, Texas A&M University

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