J. Richard Conner

About Dr. Conner:
Dr. Conner’s Research emphasizes the integration of economics with ecology in the management of grazinglands and related resources. His work has dealt with such issues as how to select the optimal combination of wildlife/livestock enterprises while considering both biological diversity and relative levels and variations in enterprise costs and prices. Much of his work has been devoted to development of integrated biophysical and economic models for analyzing the ecological and economic impacts of alternative technologies and/or policies on agriculture firms and regions.

Selected Publications:
Centrality of the Ranching Lifestyle and Attitudes toward a Voluntary Incentive Program to Protect Endangered Species. 2012. Sorice, Michael G., J. Richard Conner, Urs P. Kreuter and R. Neal Wilkins. Rangeland Ecology and Management, (in press).

An Economic Comparison of Prescribed Extreme Fire and Alternative Methods for Managing Invasive Brush Species in Texas: a Modeling Approach. 2012. Van Liew, Dustin, J. Richard Conner, Urs P. Kreuter and Richard Teague. Open Agricultural Journal, 6: 17-26.

Incentive Structure and Private Landowner Participation in an Endangered Species Conservation Program. (2011). Sorice, Michael, Wolfgang Haider, J Richard Conner and Robert B. Ditton. Conservation Biology (in Press)

Predicting Private Landowner Intentions to Enroll in an Incentive Program to Protect Endangered Species. (2010). Sorice, Michael and J. Richard Conner. Human Dimensions of Wildlife 15: 2, 77-89.

Population Growth and Fertilizer Use: Ecological and Economic Consequences in Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala. (2009). Zilverberg, Cody, Urs Kreuter, Richard Conner. Society & Natural Resources 23: 1, 1-13.

Economic Aspects of Texas Quails. Conner, J. R. In: Texas Quails: Ecology and Management. (2007). L. Brennan ed. Texas A&M University Press, College Station. pp313-26.

Property Rights Orientations and Rangeland Management Objectives: Texas, Utah and Colorado. (2006). Kreuter, U.P., M.V. Nair, D. Jackson-Smith, J.R. Conner and Janis E. Johnston. Rangeland Ecology and Management. 59: 632-639.

Texas Landowner Perceptions Regarding Ecosystem Services and Cost-Share Land Management Programs. (2005). Olenick, K.L., U.P. Kreuter and J. R. Conner. Ecological Economics 53: 247-260.

Increasing Off-Site Water Yield and Grassland Bird Habitat Through Brush Treatments. (2004). Olenick, K.L., R.N. Wilkins and J.R.Conner. Ecological Economics 49: 469-484.

Landowner Willingness to Participate in a Texas Brush Reduction Program. (2004). Kreuter, U.P., M.R. Tays and J.R. Conner. Journal of Range Management 57: 230-237

Brush Management: Economic and Financial Considerations. (2004). Conner, J. R. In Brush Management: Past, Present and Future. W. T. Hamilton, A. McGinty, D. N. Ueckert, C. W. Hanselka and M. Lee eds. Texas A&M University Press, College Station. pp213-26.

Cattle and The Environment: What’s the Beef? (2003). Conner, J.R., G.W. Williams and R.A. Dietrich. Western Economics Forum 2: 3-7


B.S. (Agronomy), Texas A&M University, 1965

M.S. (Statistics), Texas A&M University, 1967

Ph.D. (Agricultural Economics), Texas A&M University, 1970

Awards and Honors

Who's Who Among College and University Students in America, (1964-65)
American Agricultural Economics Assn., Member
Southern Agri. Econ. Assn., 2nd V.P., (1982); 1st V.P., (1983); President-elect, (1984); President, (1985)
National Agri-Marketing Assn., National Careers Committee (1979-80)
Western Agricultural Economics Assn., Member
Society for Range Management, Member
Western Research Coordinating Committee for Range Economics, Chairman (1986-88)
Distinguished Performance Award for Team Research, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (1984)
Named Thomas M. O'Connor Professor of Rangeland Ecology and Management (1989)
USDA-Soil Conservation Service Superior Service Award (1991)
Southern Agri. Econ. Assn. Lifetime Achievement Award (2000)
Texas Economists, Board of Directors (2001)

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida, 1969-73

Coordinator/Director of Planning and Analysis, State Univ. Syst. of FL., Tallahassee, 1973-75

Associate/Professor of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University, 1975-81

Professor of Agricultural Economics and Rangeland Ecology and Management, TAMU, 1981-present

AGLS Building, 2124 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-2124
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