Jason Johnson

About Jason Johnson

Jason is an Associate Professor and Extension Economist with Texas A&M University and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Registered Investment Advisor.  Jason received his B.S. (1991) in Agricultural Economics from Texas Tech University; his M.S. (1993) in Agricultural Economics from Louisiana State University; and his Ph.D. (1996) in Agricultural and Applied Economics with a minor in Family Financial Planning from Texas Tech University.  Jason is also a Registered Investment Advisor regulated by the Texas State Securities Board, CRD# 141350.  His educational programming focuses on all economic aspects of crop and livestock production blending traditional risk management strategies with more specific recommendations for family financial planning.

Jason is a fifth-generation rancher; owning and operating the family’s 1,200-acre cattle operation (Est. 1887) in Jacksboro, Texas with his wife Leann and their three children.  Jason is a founding member of Annie’s Project (www.anniesproject.org), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization program empowering farm/ranch women with the resources and confidence to make better decisions for their business and family.  He currently serves as the Texas state coordinator for the program, assists in the development of curriculum, training of facilitators nationwide, and is currently the Vice-President of the national organization.


Selected Publications:

Texas Quails: Ecology and Management, Second Edition.  2022.  Chapter 17. Economic Aspects of Texas Quails.  Jason L. Johnson and J. Richard Conner.  Texas A&M University Press.  (in press).

Lambert, D.M. J.A. Larson, R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, X. Zhou, L.L. Falconer, R.J. Hogan Jr. J.L. Johnson, and J.M. Reeves.  2017.  “Resistance is futile:  estimating the costs of managing herbicide resistance as a first-order Markov process and the case of U.S. upland cotton producers.”  Agricultural Economics 48 (1)1-10.

Zhou, X, R.K. Roberts, J.A. Larson, D.M. Lambert, B.C. English, A.K. Mishra, L.L. Falconer, R.J. Hogan Jr., J.L. Johnson, and Jeanne Reeves.  2016.  “Differences in Glyphosate-Resistant Weed Management Practices over Time and Regions.”  Weed Technology 30(1):1-12.

Johnson, J.L., D. Rollins, and K.S. Reyna.  2012.  What’s a Quail Worth?  A Longitudinal Assessment of Quail Hunter Demographics, Attitudes, and Spending Habits in Texas.  Peer Reviewed Proceedings of the National Quail Symposium 7.  (1):81-87.

O’Neil, B., Porter, N., Pankow, D., Johnson, J., and Shuchardt, J.  2010.  “Online Investor Education: Listening to Learners to Develop an Effective Financial Literacy Program.”  Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 1(1): 23-40.

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, minor in Consumer Economics 1996, Texas Tech University.

M.S.   Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness, minor in Economics 1993, Louisiana State University.

B.S.   Agricultural Economics, emphasis: Agribusiness Management, 1991, Texas Tech University

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