Luis A. Ribera

About Dr. Ribera:
Dr. Luis A. Ribera is Professor and Extension Economist in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University. Dr. Ribera is the Director of the Center for North American Studies and also serves as the Program Director for International Projects with the Agricultural and Food Policy Center. Dr. Ribera received his B.S. and M.S. from the University of Arkansas and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, all in Agricultural Economics with emphases in Risk Analysis, Simulation and Econometric Modeling. His research areas are international trade, transportation, economic impacts, risk analysis and simulation. Dr. Ribera has been an invited speaker in over 350 conferences around the world and has brought over $30 million in research and extension funding for his programs.

Research Interests:
Risk Analysis, Production Economics, Biofuels, and International Trade

Selected Publications:

Ribera, Luis A. and Mechel S. Paggi. 2020. “Recent Agricultural Trade Issues and Its Impact on Exports from US Western States.” Western Economics Forum Journal. Volume 8, Issue 1.

Calil, Yuri and Luis A. Ribera. 2019. “Brazil’s Agricultural Production and Its Potential as Global Food Supplier.” Choices Magazine. Quarter 3. Available online:

Palma, Marco A., Michelle S. Segovia, Bachir Kassas, Luis A. Ribera, and Charles R. Hall. “Self-Control: Knowledge or Perishable Resource?” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 145 (2018) 80-94.

Bento Ferreira, Joaquim, Luis A. Ribera, and Mark Horridge. “Deforestation Control and Agricultural Supply in Brazil.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 97(2)(March 2015): 589-601.

Ribera, Luis A., F.M. Hons, and James W. Richardson. “An Economic Comparison Between Conventional and No-Tillage Farming Systems in Burleson County, Texas.” Agronomy Journal. 96 (2004): 415-424.

Curriculum Vitae

PhD (Agricultural Economics), Texas A&M University
MS (Agricultural Economics), University of Arkansas
BS (Agricultural Economics), University of Arkansas

2124 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-2124