Richard T. Woodward

About Dr. Woodward: 

Richard Woodward's research interests span a wide range of topics related to environmental and natural resource economics. He has conducted research on the use of market-based policies to address environmental issues, both in general (Woodward, 2011) and related to specific with applications including recreational fisheries (Kim, Woodward and Griffin, 2009) and nonpoint pollution from agriculture (Woodward, Newburn and Mezzatesta, 2016). He has carried out nonmarket valuation studies using revealed choice methods in recreational fisheries (Fujiwara, Backstrom and Woodward, 2018) and in ongoing work is using a stated choice experiment to value soil health (USDA grant with Morgan, Ale and McIntosh). He has also made use of a variety of pseudo-experimental methods to identify causal effects of environmental policies (e.g. Mezzatesta, Newburn and. Woodward, 2013; Liu, Woodward and Zhang, forthcoming). Finally, he has employed optimization methods to study fisheries management under conditions of extreme uncertainty (Wilberg, Woodward, Tomberlin and Huang, 2019; Woodward and Tomberlin, 2014). His current research program includes several projects related to recreational fisheries including a review of the economics of recreational fishing (with Abbott, Lew and Whitehead) a study of the effects of short- and long-term changes in water quality on fresh water anglers in Texas (with Ph.D. student Michael Black) and how race and ethnicity at a site may affect anglers’ destination choice (with recent Ph.D., Jesse Backstrom).

Research Interests: Environmental and Resource Economics

Selected Publications:

Abbott, Joshua K., Daniel K. Lew, John C. Whitehead and Richard T. Woodward. “The Future of Fishing for Fun: Economics and Recreational Fisheries.” Forthcoming. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy.
Fei, Chengcheng, Kendra± M. Williamson, Richard T. Woodward, Juliana Rangel and Bruce A. McCarl. “"Honey Bees, Almonds, and Colony Mortality: an Economic Simulation of the U.S. Pollination Market.” Forthcoming Land Economics, August, 2020
Wilberg, Michael J., Richard T. Woodward, David Tomberlin and Pei Huang±1. 2019. “Developing Precautionary Reference Points for Fishery Management Using Robust Control Theory: Application to the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Callinectes sapidus Fishery” Marine and Coastal Fisheries. 11:177-188.
Mezzatesta, Mariano±, David Newburn and Richard T. Woodward. 2013. “Additionality and the Adoption of Farm Conservation Practices” Land Economics. 89(4): 740–760. 10.3368/le.89.4.722.
Woodward, Richard T. 2011 “Double Dipping in Environmental Markets” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 61(2):153-169
Curriculum Vitae

Professor PhD (Agricultural and Applied Economics)

University of Wisconsin-Madison BA (Economics), Middlebury College

University of Wisconsin-Madison MA (Agricultural and Applied Economics)


2124 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-2124