Victoria (Vicky) Salin

About Dr. Salin:

Victoria Salin is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University and since 2013, she has been Chair of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Agribusiness (  Dr. Salin’s research relates to food safety, traceability, and efficiency of enterprises involved in food distribution.  Salin provides economic and financial research for the Scientific Advisory Council of the World Food Logistics Organization (, an affiliate of the Global Cold Chain Alliance.  Salin serves on the Board of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (an affiliate of the CGIAR international agricultural research system) and in this capacity works with entrepreneurial ventures and other means to commercialize agricultural technologies to enhance food security in Africa.  Salin grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and earned a bachelor’s degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, a master’s degree from the University of Virginia, and a Ph.D. from Purdue University in agribusiness finance and international trade.

Research Interests:
Finance, Agribusiness Management

Selected Publications:

Bakhtavoryan, R., O. Capps Jr., V. Salin, and A. Dallakyan. “Use of Time-Series Analysis in Examining Food Safety Issues:  The Case of the Peanut Butter Recall,”  Journal of Food Distribution Research, July 2018, 49:2 p. 57-80. This paper received the association president’s award for Outstanding Research Paper.

Ketzenberg, M., G. Gaukler, and V. Salin. “Establishing Dynamic Expiration Dates for Perishables: An Application of RFID and Sensor Technology,” International Journal of Production Economics, 193:617-632 (2017) /science/article/pii/S0925527317302360

Gaukler, Gary M., Michael E. Ketzenberg, and Victoria Salin. Expiration Dates and Order Quantities for Perishables,” European Journal of Operational Research, Oct. 2017.

Bahktavoryan, Rafael, Oral Capps, Jr., and Victoria Salin. "The Impact of Food Safety Incidents Across Brands: The Case of the Peter Pan Peanut Butter Recall,” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 46,4, Nov. 2014, pp. 559-573.

Salin, Victoria. “Logistics Analysis of the Pathogen Control Provisions of the Almond Marketing Order.” Journal of Food Distribution Research, 2012.


Curriculum Vitae

PhD (Agricultural Economics), Purdue University
MA (Government and Foreign Affairs), University of Virginia
BA (Political Science and History), Miami University

2124 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-2124