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Amosson, Stephen H. Professor and Extension Economist Off Campus (806) 677-5600 s-ammosson@tamu.edu
Anderson, David P. Professor and Extension Economist 330C AGLS Building (979) 845-4351 danderson@tamu.edu
Bennett, Blake K. Associate Professor and Extension Economist Off Campus (972) 952-9273 b-bennett@tamu.edu
Bessler, David Professor 373B AGLS Building (979) 845-3096 d-bessler@tamu.edu
Bevers, Stanley J. Professor and Extension Economist Off Campus (940) 552-9941 s-bevers@tamu.edu
Boadu, Fred Professor and Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Student Affairs 214G AGLS Building (979) 845-4410 f-boadu@tamu.edu
Bryant, Henry Research Associate Professor 351E AGLS Building (979) 845-5913 h-bryant@tamu.edu
Capps, Oral Executive Professor 371C AGLS Building (979) 845-8492 ocapps@tamu.edu
Conner, J. Richard Professor 210I AGLS Building (979) 845-7456 jrc@tamu.edu
Dharmasena, Senarath Instructional Assistant Professor 210T AGLS Building (979) 862-2894 sdharmasena@tamu.edu
Dowell, Tiffany Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Off Campus (806) 667-5668 tdowell@tamu.edu
Dudensing, RebekkaAssistant Professor and Extension Economist 321 AGLS Building (979) 845-1719 rmdudensing@tamu.edu
Griffin, Ronald Professor 211C AGLS Building (979) 845-7049 ron-griffin@tamu.edu
Hayenga, Wayne A. Professor Emeritus and Extension Specialist 345 AGLS Building (979)-845-2226 w-hayenga@tamu.edu
Hogan Jr., Robert J. Associate Professor & Extension Economist Off Campus (432) 336-8585 rhogan@ag.tamu.edu
Harness, Nathan Instructional Associate Professor and TD Ameritrade Director of Financial Planning 210B AGLS  Building (979) 862-2527 nharness@tamu.edu
Ishdorj, Ariun Assistant Professor 345 AGLS Building (979) 845-6322 AIshdorj@tamu.edu
Johnson, Jason L. Associate Professor and Extension Economist Off Campus (254) 968-4144 jljohnson@tamu.edu
Klinefelter, Danny Professor and Extension Economist 330B AGLS Building (979) 845-7171 danklinefelter@tamu.edu
Klose, Steven Professor and Extension Economist 352E AGLS Building (979) 845-1138 sklose@tamu.edu
Lacewell, Ronald D. Professor 210O AGLS Building (979) 845-8476 r-lacewell@tamu.edu
DLeatham99x139 Leatham, David J. Professor Associate Department Head 213D AGLS Building (979) 845-5806 d-leatham@tamu.edu
Litzenberg, Kerry K. Regents Professor 212D AGLS Building (979) 845-7624 litz@tamu.edu
McCarl, Bruce A. University Distinguished Professor 373C AGLS Building (979) 845-1706 mccarl@tamu.edu
Menzies, Dusty Lecturer 323 AGLS Building (979) 845-7046 d-menzies@tamu.edu
Michelsen, Ari Resident Director Off Campus (915) 859-9111 a-michelsen@tamu.edu
Mjelde, James Professor 212C AGLS Building (979) 845-1492 j-mjelde@tamu.edu
Ng, Desmond Associate Professor 377 AGLS Building (979) 845-1192 dng@tamu.edu
Norton, Roger Research Professor 408C AGLS Building (979) 458-1129 Roger.Norton@tamu.edu
Outlaw, Joe Professor and Extension Economist 351D AGLS Building (979) 845-3062 joutlaw@tamu.edu
Palma, Marco A. Associate Professor and Extension Economist 330D AGLS Building (979) 845-5284 mapalma@tamu.edu
Park, John L. Professor and Extension Economist 349F AGLS Building (979) 845-8982 jlpark@tamu.edu
Park, Seong Cheol Associate Professor Off Campus (940) 552-9941 ext. 239 scpark@ag.tamu.edu
Penson, John B. Regents Professor and Stiles Professor of Agriculture 210D AGLS Building (979) 845-4060 jpenson@tamu.edu
 Price-Ed Price, Edwin Professor and Buffet Chair 408G AGLS Building (979) 845-3270 EC-Price@tamu.edu
Ribera, Luis A. Associate Professor and Extension Economist 327C AGLS Building (979) 845-3070 lribera@tamu.edu
Richardson, James W. Regents Professor and Senior Faculty Fellow 351C AGLS Building (979) 845-5913 jwrichardson@tamu.edu
Rister, M. Edward Professor and Associate Department Head 211B AGLS Building (979) 845-3801 e-rister@tamu.edu
Robinson, John R.C. Professor and Extension Economist 331 AGLS Building (979) 845-8011 jrcr@tamu.edu
Ropicki, Andrew Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist-Marine Economics Off Campus (361) 825-6210 andrew.ropicki@ag.tamu.edu
Rosson III, C. Parr Professor and Head 309C AGLS Building (979) 845-2116 prosson@tamu.edu
Russell, Levi Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Off Campus  (361) 265-9203 (ext. 221)  lrussell@tamu.edu
Salin, Victoria (Vicky) Professor and Chair, Intercollegiate Faculty of Agribusiness, and Director, Master of Agribusiness Program Agribusiness Management & Finance 369 AGLS Building (979) 845-8103 v-salin@tamu.edu
Shaw, Douglass Professor 210K AGLS Building (979) 845-3555 wdshaw@tamu.edu
Siebert, John W. Professor 212E AGLS Building (979) 845-4805 j-siebert@tamu.edu
Smith, Jackie G. Professor and Extension Economist Off Campus (806) 746-6101 j-smith34@tamu.edu
Smith, Roland D. Professor and Extension Economist 325 AGLS Building (979) 862-8362 rdsmith@tamu.edu
Stevens, Reid  Assistant Professor 342 AGLS Building (979) 847-5805 stevens@tamu.edu
Thompson, Bill Assistant Professor and Extension Economist Off Campus (325) 653-4576 w-thompson@tamu.edu
Vedenov, Dmitry V. Associate Professor 344 AGLS Building (979) 845-8493 vedenov@tamu.edu
Waller, Mark L. Associate Head for Extension and Program Leader in Agricultural Economics 349C AGLS Building (979) 845-1751 mwaller@tamu.edu
Welch, Mark Associate Professor and Extension Economist 335 AGLS Building (979) 845-8011 jmwelch@tamu.edu
Williams, Gary W. Professor 371D AGLS Building (979) 845-5911 gwwilliams@tamu.edu
Woodward, Richard Professor 210M AGLS Building (979) 845-5864 r-woodward@tamu.edu
Wu, Ximing Associate Professor 379 AGLS Building (979) 458-1355 xwu@tamu.edu
Zhang, Yu (Yvette) Assistant Professor 340 AGLS Building (979) 845-2136 yzhang@tamu.edu